Serbian team has won six gold, three silver and eleven bronze medals on the first Serbian U17 International and 4th Serbian Youth International Novi Sad 2016 from June 16 to 19, 2016. Tournaments has gathered over 240 competitors from 18 countries. Reka Madarazs and Sergej Lukic the most successful competitors.

The City of Novi Sad and Republic of Serbia hosted spectacular international tournaments organized by Badminton Association of Serbia, under the patronage of Badminton Europe Confederation, Serbian Ministry of Youth and Sport, City of Novi Sad, Sport and Youth of Vojvodina, Tourist organization of Serbia and Novi Sad and City Museum. This record breaking events lasted from June 16 to 19, 2016, have gathered more than 240 competitors from 18 countries representing three continents and surpassed all expectations. Serbian U17 International as a part of BEC Circuit gathered 75 competitors from 14 countries which competed in all five categories with 128 entries. Serbian Youth International had 167 players with almost 270 entries in U15, U13, U11 and U9 singles and doubles.

Perfect organization, high quality matches full of suspense, very happy and satisfied participants and beautiful ambient inside Sports Center ‘’Slana Bara’’ has been crowned with brilliant performances of young and very promising European and Asian athletes. In very tough competitions among U17 and U15, U13, U11 and U9 (Youth) age groups Serbia won total of 20 medals – six gold, three silver and eleven bronze medals and has been awarded with epithet of the most successful national team which competed in both events which found its place in the Official BEC Calendar 2016. The most successful U17 competitor was Reka Madarazs from Hungary with gold medals in WS and WD (with Inga Sadaic from Croatia). The best player in Serbia Youth International was Sergej Lukic from Serbia with U15 gold medals in MS and MD (with Matija Cupara also from Serbia). Reka and Sergej were officially announced and awarded by the organizer for their fantastic performances as well as the youngest participant Livia Klacanska from Slovakia. Totally 11 countries had their representatives among the medal winners.

Opening Ceremony of Serbian U17 & Youth International Novi Sad 2016 was attended by numerous media and representatives of national sports institutions, sponsors, friends and members of Badminton Association of Serbia. More than 240 competitors carrying features of Russia, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Cyprus, Georgia, Hungary, Moldova, Greece, Croatia, Pakistan, Bulgaria, FYR Macedonia, Romania and Serbia marched under the vaults of ‘’Slana Bara’’ and were welcomed with stentorian applause. After the opening speech and worm welcome of Radomir Jovovic, President of the Executive Board of Badminton Association of Serbia, events were officially opened by Mirko Kantar, Head of Sport Development Programs Department within Ministry of Youth and Sports. He also congratulated the organizers mentioning that Ministry of Youth and Sports recognizes and provides full support to Badminton Association of Serbia which continously provides exceptional results in competitive and organizational field.  

During four competition days all participants, from youngest to oldest, performed their best and represented this Olympic sport in the best possible manner. Hundreds of interesting matches, turnovers, extraordinary moves and tricks were seen on both competitions. In Serbian U17 International European U17 bronze medalist Reka Madarazs from Hungary dominated in women’s singles. Very talented Serbian young player Marija Sudimac reached silver medal. Boys U17 tournament was very interesting. Around 30 % of matches were played in three sets. Bulgarian Ilyan Stoynov beated Syed Daanyaal Ali from Pakistan in final. Reka Madarazs and Inga Sadaic from Croatia won womens doubles against Csonkova and Remenova from Slovakia. Slovenians Lesnicar and Loznaric became champions in mens doubles. They won against Antonska and Horak from Slovakia. Moldovans Cunev and Gynga in three sets beated Stoynov and Popovska for the mixed doubles title.

Serbian U17 International Novi Sad 2016 medal winners:

Serbian Youth International Novi Sad 2016 medal winners:

‘’I am very satisfied with my performances on this hard and intense international tournaments in Novi Sad. I am also very honoured with the most successful young player title. This year the level of competitors was very high. European medal winners were on the courts. I played two tournaments U17 and Youth and I won three medals – two gold and one bronze. Since I have just 13 I have to work very hard in the future to reach higher performing leveI. I’ll do my best. Ambient inside the sports hall was fantastic during tournaments. It was so nice to see hundreds players and coached from almost 20 countries as our guests in Serbia. This is one of the best European tournaments for young players.’’, Sergej Lukic stated after the Medal Ceremony.

Organization of this significant international competitions was also supported by Olympic Committee of Serbia, Sport Association of Serbia, University Sports Federation of Serbia, Serbian Institute of Sport and Sports Medicine, Anti-Doping Agency of Serbia, Yonex, Tin Sped Company, Arriva Transport Company, Zlatiborac, Nasa Koka Plus and Jazak Water.

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