Serbian domination on the spectacular and record breaking serbian youth international Novi Sad 2015


The City of Novi Sad and Republic of Serbia hosted another spectacular international tournament organized by Badminton Association of Serbia, under the patronage of Serbian Ministry of Youth and Sport, City of Novi Sad, Novi Sad City Museum and Tourist organization of Novi Sad. This record breaking event lasted from June 19 to 21, 2015, has gathered nearly 170 competitors from 16 countries representing European, Asian and African continent and surpassed all expectations. Perfect organization, high quality junior matches full of suspense and beautiful ambient inside Sports Center ‘’Slana Bara’’ has been crowned with brilliant performances of Serbian badminton progeny. In very tough competition among U9, U11, U13, U15 and U17 age groups Serbia won total of 25 medals – nine gold, five silver and eleven bronze medals and has been awarded with epithet of the most successful national team which competed on Third edition of Serbian Badminton Open. Tournament was officially promoted by Dragoslav Petrovic – representative of Serbian badminton on Youth Olympic Games and winner of 11 medals on World and European Circuit tournaments. This Event found its place in the Official BEC Calendar of events which represent the best indicators of its importance and competitive potential.

Preceded by initial matches within groups, Opening Ceremony of SERBIAN YOUTH INTERNATIONAL NOVI SAD 2015 was attended by numerous representatives of sponsors, friends and members of Badminton Association of Serbia. Nearly 170 competitors carrying features of Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Austria, Cyprus, Georgia, Hungary, Algeria, Greece, Croatia, Pakistan, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, FYR Macedonia, Romania and off course Serbia marched under the vaults of ‘’Slana Bara’’ and were welcomed with stentorian applause. After the worm welcome, Event was officially opened by Radomir Jovovic, President of the Executive Board of Badminton Association of Serbia. All participants left the Competition Venue under impressions at the end of the first session impatiently waiting for the next session to start at Saturday morning.

Saturday’s matches on ‘’Slana Bara’’ courts were heating up. All participants, from youngest to oldest, performed their best and represented this Olympic sport in the best possible manner. Huge aspirations to qualify for the places in the semifinals additionally motivated the players. Saturday night revealed the names of the best competitors who qualified for the final day of the tournament. Sunday was reserved for final matches and battles for medals in all events. Elimination matches riddled the best competitors and guaranteed the most exciting of all tournament days in Novi Sad. A lot of interesting matches, turnovers, extraordinary moves and tricks decided the medal winners. Tournament focus was centered on Marija Sudimac who once again showed that she is truly a cut diamond in terms of badminton skill and knowledge. She won four gold medals. She easily won U13 Girls Singles and U13 Girls Doubles with her teammate Sara Loncar, and also U15 Girls Singles and U15 Girls Doubles with Anja Velemir as her partner.

‘’I am very satisfied with my performances on this hard and intense international tournament in Novi Sad. Last year I have lost both final matches I have played, but this year I triumphed in all of four. I was maximally prepared for this tournament, I was working very hard and success could not be avoided. Participating and playing at intense senior tournaments in Serbia helped me a lot because I gained necessary experience and confidence. Ambient inside the sports hall was beautiful during the tournament, I was supported by every member of the Serbian Team and audience also. It is an honor for me to be a part of this great badminton event’’, Marija Sudimac stated after the Medal Ceremony.

Victor Petrovic became Champion in U11 Boys Singles, while Sergej Lukic was the best in U13 events. Besides winning the gold in Boys Singles, he also won the Boys Doubles with Matija Cupara, who was second, right beside Sergej in Boys Singles. Serbian Team displayed total domination in U17 events. All medals in Boys Singles and three medals in Boys Doubles were won by competitors from Serbia. Current U15 Vice Champion, Luka Milic, repeated his success from last year’s SERBIAN YOUTH INTERNATIONAL NOVI SAD 2014. He was triumphant in Singles and in Doubles. In Singles finals he defeated Mateja Manic, and with Nenad Milosevic, who won bronze medal in Singles, he managed to win in Boys Doubles by eventually defeating Andrija Doder and Mateja Manic. Besides Serbia, medals were presented to competitors from eleven countries – Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece, Algeria, Georgia and Pakistan.

After three unforgettable days in Novi Sad and a total of 456 matches, the curtain was drawn on SERBIAN YOUTH INTERNATIONAL NOVI SAD 2015. During the Closing Ceremony, Dr Mirko Kantar, Head of Sport Development Programs Department within Ministry of Youth and Sports in charge of support and monitoring of development programs realization, officially addressed the participants of this prestigious and in terms of numbers, very large competition. He congratulated the organizers mentioning that Ministry of Youth and Sports recognizes and provides full support to Badminton Association of Serbia in yet another display of exceptional results in competitive and organizational field.

Organization of this very important international competition was also supported by Olympic Committee of Serbia, Sport Association of Serbia, University Sports Federation of Serbia, Serbian Institute of Sport and Sports Medicine, Anti-Doping Agency of Serbia, ''Tin Sped'' Company, ''Lasta'' Transport Company, ''Zlatiborac'', ''Yonex'' and ''Nasa Koka Plus''. It is important to mention that SERBIAN YOUTH INTERNATIONAL NOVI SAD 2015 was the first event to include Badminton Association of Serbia in ''Humanitarian Cap'' project which was started and developed by ''PARAKVAD VS'' Association. During the course of the tournament participants were collecting plastic bottle caps of all coloures and sizes and by doing that helped in providing neccesary financial support needed to obtain orthopedic apparatus for disabled individuals.

Medal winners – Boys Singles U9: 1. Sebastian Pinkovicz (Poland), 2. Andrej Suchy (Slovakia), 3. David Velickovic (Serbia), Vlad Dehelean (Romania); Girls Singles U9: 1. Petra Harth (Hungary), 2. Kaloqna Nalbantova (Bulgaria), 3 Katarina Vig (Serbia); Boys Singles U11: Viktor Petrovic (Serbia), 2. Aleksandar Jovicic (Serbia), 3. Simeon Suchy (Slovakia), Stanimir Terziev (Bulgaria); Girls Singles U11: 1. Mihaela Chepisheva (Bulgaria), 2. Rafailia Mertzemeki (Greece), 3. Elli Koronidou (Greece), Petra Harth (Hungary); Boys Doubles U11: 1. Georgi Manchev / Stanimir Terziev (Bulgaria), 2. Kevin Lin Lenarcic / Jaka Marovt Peric (Slovenia), 3. Ivan Grubic (Croatia) / Theodoros Papadopoulos (Greece), Nikolai Davchev / Svetoslav Raev (Bulgaria); Girls Doubles U11: 1. Elli Koronidou / Rafailia Mertzemeki (Greece), 2. Mihaela Chepisheva / Eleonora Ivanova (Bulgaria); 3. Petra Harth / Gyongyver Rado (Hungary), Kosara Andreeva / Nina Nikolova (Bulgaria); Boys Singles U13: 1. Sergej Lukic (Serbia), 2. Matija Cupara (Serbia), 3. Andrej Antoska (Slovakia), Mihajlo Tomic (Serbia); Girls Singles U13: 1. Marija Sudimac (Serbia), 2. Barbara Janicic (Croatia), 3. Sara Loncar (Serbia), Tanya Ivanova (Bulgaria); Boys Doubles U13: 1. Matija Cupara / Sergej Lukic (Serbia), 2. Mohamed Amine Kessari / Sifeddine Larbaoui (Algeria), 3. Lazar Josijevic / Mihajlo Tomic (Serbia), Paul Harangus (Romania) / Evgeni Panev (Bulgaria); Girls Doubles U13: Sara Loncar / Marija Sudimac (Serbia), 2. Tanya Ivanova / Jeni Jeleva (Bulgaria), 3. Teona Batiashvili / Maria Khachaturyan (Georgia), Barbara Janicic / Andrea Vlasic (Croatia); Boys Singles U15: 1. Tomas Timko (Slovakia), 2. Erik Zurlavlov (Slovakia), 3. Ali Danyaal Syed (Pakistan), Sergej Lukic (Serbia); Girls Singles U15: 1. Marija Sudimac (Serbia), 2. Inga Sadaic (Croatia), 3. Mia Cerjan (Croatia), Anja Velemir (Serbia); Boys Doubles U15: 1. Cvetomir Stoyanov / Yavor Yankov (Bulgaria), 2. Robert Sabovcik / Erik Zurlavlov (Slovakia), 3. Andrej Antoska / Tomas Timko (Slovakia), Janko Lazarevic / Sergej Lukic (Serbia); Girls Doubles U15: 1. Marija Sudimac / Anja Velemir (Serbia), 2. Mia Cerjan / Inga Sadaic (Croatia), 3. Alzbeta Perunska / Lucia Vojtekova (Slovakia), Selin Bakalova / Tanya Petkova (Bulgaria); Boys Singles U17: 1. Luka Milic (Serbia), 2. Mateja Manic (Serbia), 3. Andrija Doder (Serbia), Nenad Milosevic (Serbia); Girls Singles U17: 1. Polivia Tzika (Greece), 2. Andrijana Stankovic (Serbia), 3. Zoi Aleli (Greece), Anja Velemir (Serbia); Boys Doubles U17: 1. Luka Milic / Nenad Milosevic (Serbia), 2. Andrija Doder / Mateja Manic (Serbia), 3. Aleksa Lutovac (Serbia) / Marin Sucur (Croatia), Martin Petkov / Tihomir Petkov (Bulgaria); Girls Doubles U15: Ioanna Karapetridou / Polivia Tzika (Greece), 2. Halla Bouksani / Linda Mazri (Algeria), 3. Aleksandra Harangus (Romania) / Inga Sadaic (Croatia), Julia Janockova / Rebeka Malecka (Slovakia).

Grand Opening Ceremony that took place on the first day, with the presence of unprecedented number of officials, national and international institution representatives, was the introduction for matches that took place on courts of Sports Center ‘’Slana bara’’. Opening Ceremony was attended by Mirko Kantar, Head of department within Ministry of Youth and Sports, Predrag Svilar, Member of Novi Sad City Hall in charge of Youth and Sports, Nikola Kuljaca, Olympic Committee of Serbia Sports Director, Vladimir Batez, Serbian Sports Association representative, Prof. Dr. Puzant Kassabian, President of Balkan Badminton Association, Vesna Jovicic, Managing Director of Novi Sad City Museum, Nemanja Radovic, City of Belgrade Secretariat for Sports and Youth representative, Predrag Marcetic, owner of Tin Sped Company. During the Opening Ceremony, representatives of Ministry of Youth and Sports and Olympic Committee of Serbia donated sets of badminton equipment to the recently formed Badminton Developing Centres located in the cities of Pancevo, Vrsac, Zrenjanin, Kovin and Obrenovac. After the opening speech given by Mirko Kantar, Head of department within Ministry of Youth and Sports, Predrag Svilar as the City Host addressed the auditorium and officially opened the tournament.

After the opening, almost 100 young competitors from Hungary, Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia impatiently awaited Saturday and the beginning of the matches. During three days of competition, young competitors U11, U13, U15 and U17 had played at their peek and made the complete event look even more glorious. On the courts of ‘’Slana bara’’ participants had chance to see many interesting matches full of suspense and after all the drama Serbia took the title of the most successful team by winning 43 medals, 9 of which were gold medals. After Serbia, the most successful countries were Bulgaria and Hungary. Very well presentation of skills showed also young and promising players from Romania, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Serbian team was comprised of competitors from ten badminton clubs and was presented as the team with the largest number of competitors in the whole tournament. Gold medal standings for Serbia would have been even greater but the golden boy of Serbian team, Dragoslav Petrovic, due to the illness had to surrender the semi-final match in Boy’s singles U17 and satisfy himself and the Serbian team with the bronze medal. Having all in mind, Serbian team had a fantastic score on this tournament, and the most pleasing detail is the fact that medals from the First Serbian Youth International NOVI SAD 2013 will decorate show cases of ten badminton centres in Serbia, since competitors from so many of the Serbian clubs had their representatives on the medal winning podium.

Radomir Jovovic, Badminton Association of Serbia chairman of the board, felt huge satisfaction, but also relief after the closing of the event due to the fact that himself and the whole Serbian badminton team worked extremely hard in order to organize a tournament worthy of its reputation.

Jovovic gave his official statement: ‘’This tournament represents the crow jewel when it comes to our Badminton Association ant its organizational attempts. In the past 20 years Serbian Association hosted a large number of national and international events, but Serbian Youth International NOVI SAD 2013 has totally surpassed all previous tournaments organized in our country. We are very satisfied with the fact that everything went very well and the participants left Novi Sad full of beautiful impressions. I was very pleased because this grandiose event marked the year of the twentieth anniversary celebrated by our Association. I would like to thank to all of the individuals, institutions and companies that provided help and support, and without whom it would not be possible to successfully organize and manage this event. The list is to long, but I would like to mention all of them: Ministry of Youth and Sports of Republic of Serbia and City of Novi Sad as two of the main patrons, Olympic Committee of Serbia, Sports Association of Serbia, Novi Sad City Museum, Touristic Organization of Novi Sad, Balkan Badminton Association, Tin Sped and Yonex, Serbian Institute for Sport and Sports Medicine, Anti-Doping Agency of Serbia, Lasta Transportation Company, Winner's, Nasa Koka and Time Zone’’.

Medals were won by – U11 – Boys Singles: 1: Balint Papai (Hungary), 2. Sergej Lukic (Serbia), 3. Lazar Josijevic (Serbia), Matija Cupara (Serbia), Boys Doubles: 1. Matija Cupara / Sergej Lukic (Serbia), 2. Milos Cubrak / Lazar Josijevic (Serbia), 3. Pavle Pesic / Petar Vasic (Serbia), Igor Jovanovic / Aleksandar Jovicic (Serbia); Girls Singles: 1. Marija Sudimac (Serbia), 2. Minja Milovanovic (Serbia), 3. Ana Slamarski (Serbia), Isidora Pekez (Bosnia and Herzegovina); Girls Doubles: 1. Dijana Bolorin / Marija Sudimac (Serbia), 2. Minja Milovanovic / Jana Nedeljkovic (Serbia), 3. Andjela Bozic / Isidora Pekez (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Mina Milic / Ana Slamarski (Serbia); U13 – Boys Singles: 1. Balazs Papai (Hungary), 2. Dani Palaboykov (Bulgaria), 3. Ioan Gargov (Bulgaria), David Josijevic (Serbia); Boys Doubles: 1. Ioan Gargov / Dani Palaboykov (Bulgaria), 2. Balazs Papai / Balint Papai (Hungary), 3. David Josijevic / Janko Lazarevic (Serbia), Luka Filimonovic / Luka Stavric (Serbia); Girls Singles: 1. Vivien Sandorhazi (Hungary), 2. Anja Velemir (Serbia), 3. Panna Kajtar (Hungary), Lena Janic (Serbia); Girls Doubles: 1. Milica Sokolovic / Anja Velemir (Serbia), 2. Panna Kajtar / Vivien Sandorhazi (Hungary), 3. Slava Koseva / Tania Petkova (Bulgaria), Anja Ilic / Ivona Pavlovic (Serbia); U15 – Boys Singles: 1. Luka Milic (Serbia), 2. Andrija Doder (Serbia), 3. Mateja Manic, Nenad Milosevi (Serbia); Boys Doubles: 1. Andrija Doder / Luka Milic (Serbia), 2. Aleksa Lutovac / Nenad Milosevic (Serbia), 3. Kristijan Bela / Mateja Manic (Serbia), Filip Stankovic (Serbia) / Luka Vilic (Croatia); Girls Singles: 1. Natasa Pavlovic, 2. Andrijana Stankovic (Serbia), 3. Sara Kaity (Hungary), 4. Jelena Stevanovic (Serbia); Girls Doubles: Natasa Pavlovic / Andrijana Stankovic (Serbia), 2. Tamara Jovanovic / Jelena Stevanovic (Serbia), 3. Sara Kaity / Vivien Sandorhazi (Hungary), Andrea Mendrei / Lena Sipcic (Serbia); U17 – Boys Singles: 1. Daniel Nikolov (Bulgaria), 2. Martin Kolev (Bulgaria), 3. Ivan Panev (Bulgaria), Dragoslav Petrovic (Serbia); Boys Doubles: 1. Daniel Nikolov / Ivan Panev (Bulgaria), 2. Andrija Doder / Nenad Milosevic (Serbia), 3. Jovan Babajic / David DJusic (Serbia), Luka Milic / Dragoslav Petrovic (Serbia); Girls Singles: 1. Boglarka Boda (Bulgaria), 2. Anja Janic (Serbia), 3. Mihaela Neycheva (Bulgaria), Tijana Manic (Serbia); Girls Doubles: 1. Natasa Pavlovic / Andrijana Stankovic (Serbia), 2. Anja Janic / Lena Janic (Serbia), 3. Boglarka Boda / Sara Kaity (Bulgaria), Andrea Mendrei (Serbia) / Mihaela Neycheva (Bulgaria).

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